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about me

I was born and raised partly in Sydney, Australia and partly in Zurich, Switzerland. I am currently living and studing in Verscio, Switzerland at the Accademia Dimitri. I’ve been surrounded by theatre, film and the performing arts since day one. Watching many a children’s theatre at the Sydney Opera House or the Carriage Works, musical theatres where my uncle was part of the chorus, being part of the school choir for most of my school days and getting involved in a youth theatre group. Upon moving to Switzerland and ajusting to a whole new wolrd and language, it returned full blossom when I attended the Atelierschule Zurich. There I rediscovered singing and acting anew and with every project I began to realise that, for me, there was no other sensible thing to do.

I simply had to go into acting. ​


So, with the support of family, friends, teachers and mentors, I decided to commence my journey as an actor, eager to see where it will take me. Now, studying physical theatre at the Accademia Dimitri, I find it fascinating, coming to terms with the creative process,

every project di nuovo. From developing an idea, full of curiosity and enthusiasm, to bringing it to fruition, with all the included experimentation and frustration when it doesn’t go your way, culminating in the final surrender and relief when everything works itself out and the show shows itself naturally. I am driven to create and share stories that could have the power to inspire thought,

entertain a giggle, and touch a heart, or two. ​


When I’m not acting, voice acting, singing, or indeed modelling, I enjoy a bit of a walk or an occasional hike, dreaming up imaginary garden railways, drawing/doodling/scribbling all kinds of little characters, creatures and contraptions and a good classical or film music blast on my headphones (“invisible orchestra conducting” inclusive).



Atelierschule Zurich  |  Antigone - Wir sind die Prinzessinnen |  2019  |  Creon

Atelierschule Zurich  |  Alice in Wonderland  |  2019  |  Hatter & Gardener

400asa / DigitalBuehneZuerich  |  Die Endemiten  |  2017  |  Ensemble Member


Kantonalbanken Schweiz  |  |   2021  |   Oldest son

C - Films  |   Platzspitzbaby   |   2019  |   Extra

Zodiac Pictures  |   Die Göttliche Ordnung  |   2016  |   Extra


Museummühlerama  |  zürich liest  |   2022  |   Reader

Orell Füessli  |   All Hallow's Read   |   2017  |  Reader

Atelierschule Zurich  |  Choir, Vokalensemble, Popchoir  |  2017-2020  |  Singer

Training & Workshops

Accademia Dimitri   |   BA in Physical Theatre  |  Current

Speech Academy Schweiz   |   Sprecher Diplom   |  2023

LAMDA   |   Voice Acting Summer Course   |  2021

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